Store Card Pressure

Dear Madam,
      I am writing to register my dissatisfaction with the false information I was given when I was pressured into taking out a store card in your High Wycombe branch in order to obtain a discount.

      I explained to the shop assistant that I had no need for a card, that I don’t live in High Wycombe, and that I don’t live near any branches of your store, but she was very persistent.  I finally agreed when she told me that as an equivalent to a discount on my current purchase, I would receive a £10.00 voucher on receipt of my card, which I could give to my daughter, who does live in High Wycombe.
      I was extremely annoyed to see, on receipt of the voucher, that it is only to be used for a purchase of £50.00 or more, that it must be used before November 13th, and then only with the use of my ‘Recognition’ card.  At no time did she point this out, so I wasted about 30 minutes going through the laborious process of signing up for a card that I did not want in the first place.
      No doubt you train your assistants to be persistent with gullible potential customers, but do you also train them to give misleading information as an inducement?
      I am of course prepared to pay the sum I owe for my original purchase, (£35.00), but I am returning my card, cut up in protest, and would appreciate some compensation for my wasted time and effort as a gesture of your good will.
      With many thanks in anticipation,
              Yours faithfully, …………


Dear Madam,
      Thank you for your letter of November 8th, in which you say that you would be happy to honour the £10.00 discount off your next purchase instore’.
      If I take in your letter, with this sentence highlighted, will that be sufficient authentication for the discount, and could it be used by my daughter, who actually lives within reach of your store?

      With many thanks in anticipation,
              Yours faithfully, …………

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