Let me introduce myself:
My name is Rosie McAndrew,
and I worked as a translator and assistant film editor
before settling down as a teacher and teacher trainer in Hastings, UK.

Rosie at Book Signing 03.12.15

Having studied Drama, Film, Radio & TV,
in my free time I have done a lot of acting and directing for the local theatre,
as well as taking up gardening & garden design,
supporting anti-racist & peace groups, singing in community choirs
and pursuing a passion for Argentine tango.

But I have always enjoyed writing, and have published two books so far.
The first is Wordsworth’s White Wife,  a memoir of my life in Guyana in the late 60s,
with the Guyanese folklorist, broadcaster and poet, Wordsworth McAndrew.



For further details, and to purchase the book, see its own page…

The Next Step…

I am currently working on  a sequel to this memoir,
with a working title of No-one’s Wife. 
It explores the story of my life back in England with my daughter,
and the joys and stresses of being a single mother.

My second publication is a picture book about my daughter, Shiri, as a little girl.



This can be bought from me direct, at £7.99
Postage rates within the UK or Overseas on application.

 *  *  *  *  *

For much of my professional life I worked as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language
and as a trainer of teachers.  So, as well as writing poetry  and prose myself,
I have loved teaching literature and language,
and designing materials and activities to bring them to life for my students.
some of these materials can be found in the section
Teaching Ideas and Activities.

Another passion being theatre and film, 
I often feel impelled to write in appreciation or otherwise of the productions I see; 
as a member of a book group, I often succumb to the urge to compile
lists and tables to clarify my response to the books we discuss;
and as a customer, I have had considerable luck with the composition
of ironic letters of complaint…
All such topics can be found under the relevant headings.

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