My initial impetus for this blog was to create a space for my analysis of Trump’s style.

But I have always enjoyed writing, and have published two books so far.
The first is Wordsworth’s White Wife,  a memoir of my life in Guyana in the late 60s,
with the Guyanese folklorist, broadcaster and poet, Wordsworth McAndrew.


To buy a copy, simply email me via the Contact Page, or at the address below:
Paperback copies, with several colour illustrations, are £9.99 each,
plus £2.80 p&p in the UK.  (For Proof of Delivery add £1.10)
Overseas rates on application.

And the second is a picture book about my daughter, Shiri, as a little girl.




In addition, for much of my professional life I worked as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and as a trainer of teachers.  So as well as writing poetry  and prose myself, I have loved teaching literature and language, and designing materials and activities to bring them to life for my students.

Another passion being theatre and film, I often feel impelled to write in appreciation or otherwise of the productions I see;  as part of a book group, I often succumb to the urge to compile lists and tables to clarify my response to the books we discuss; and as a customer I have had some luck with the composition of ironic letters of complaint…






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