Colour Photos for WWW

In the edition, to keep the purchase price down,
the illustrations in colour were omitted, though the B & W ones remain.

For those who would like to see the colour photos
from my original edition,  here they are…

  *   *   *   *   *

From page 8:
Mac’s photo of me with the donkeys, Samantha and Adam
in the field beyond our garden at Adam’s Farm, in Graffham, Sussex.

donkeys cropped

And one of the little donkey cards that accompanied his occasional gifts to me:

p 10 - Donkey card - colour

From page 13:
One of the elegant old wooden mansions that made Georgetown so beautiful:

p 12 - GT Mansion

From page 13:
Some of the gorious scarlet names of the bright blue wooden Grorgetown buses :

From page 14:
Mac with John Criswick, outside his cottage in Arcadia:

p 17 - Mac & CQ at Arcadia

From page 14:
Some of the staff at B/S:  my boss, Miss Dolphin;  Eustce & Laurie;  Sheila & Mrs Singh:

From page 22:
Mac on the Kissing Bridge in the Botanic Gardens

From page 31:
Climbing for coconuts…

p 37 - Climbing for coconuts

From page 33:
Selling Fish & Bread at a Railway Station

p 38 - Fish & Bread

From page 33:
One of the children showing me some maggots from the 6 o’clock Bee…

p 50 - Maggots

From page 61:
Mac standing with the family outside the cottage where we stayed in Berbice

p 70 - WC Berbice family on steps

From page 106:
John Criswick’s Portrait of Mac in his Blue Dashiki

Mac in Blue 001

From page 223:
Shiri launching off down the steps of our back cottage flat.

p 243 - Shiri launching off down steps

From page 233:
The painting by Angold Thompson that I loved so much – Sabine’s farewell gift.



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