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Here is an index of the posts online so far.

Georgetown Guyana – a lost city?
The Woman Upstairs

The Gattegno Effect – my contribution
Politeness Cultures – a PowerPoint presentation (also in Teaching Ideas).
Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences
Trump’s Style – a detailed analysis of part of a speech he made in 2015.

Plays, Films, TV, Books, etc…
In a Free State, by V S Naipaul
The Poetry of Alain Grandbois
Hidden figures 10: La La Land Nil
Pinter’s People
Long Day’s Journey into Night
Eurovision Dance Contest, 2008  (charge of xenophobia)
of My Memoir
1.  By Frank Birbal Singh
2.  By Chris Cormack
3.  By Christine Sanderson

      Book Notes:
Riddley Walker
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
Riders in the Chariot
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things

Libya Inter Alia
After Gardening
Poems for a long ago love

Hastings Station at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning
On Hiroshima

Two Poems for My Daughter
The Listeners – PowerPoint Illustration (also in Teaching Ideas)

       In Memoriam:
Wordsworth McAndrew – April 2008
Geoff Beaghen & Hastings Arts – August 2011
My Father, Harold Dexter, 1893-1989

     Teaching Ideas & Activities:
Politeness Cultures – PowerPoint (also in Articles).
The Way Up to Heaven
A Passage to India
When You  Are Old
The Listeners – PowerPoint Illustration (also in Poems)

      Letters of Complaint:
re. Racist remark on Radio 4?
re. Eurovision Dance Contest (re. xenophobia)
re. The Man in the Van
re. Graduation Photos
re. Store Card Pressure
re. Erroneous Phone Charges