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Wordsworth’s White Wife
What’s it about, and how to buy WWW…
Colour Photos for WWW
Reviews of WWW
Georgetown Guyana – a lost city?
The Woman Upstairs

The Gattegno Effect – my contribution
Politeness Cultures – a PowerPoint presentation  (also in Teaching Ideas).
Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences
Trump’s Style – a detailed analysis of part of a speech he made in 2015. (also on its own page)
of Books, Plays, Films, Telesision, etc…
In a Free State, by V S Naipaul
The Poetry of Alain Grandbois
Hidden figures 10: La La Land Nil
Pinter’s People
Long Day’s Journey into Night
Eurovision Dance Contest, 2008  (Charge of xenophobia)
Trump’s Iconic Style 
Book Notes:
Riddley Walker
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
Riders in the Chariot
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things
Two Poems for My Daughter
Five Poems for a long ago love
On Hiroshima
Libya Inter Alia
After Gardening

Hastings Station at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning
Walter de la Mare’s The Listeners – PowerPoint Illustration  (also in Teaching Ideas)
Hearing Aid Induction…
In Memoriam:
Wordsworth McAndrew – April 2008
Geoff Beaghen & Hastings Arts – August 2011
My Father, Harold Dexter, 1893-1989
Teaching Ideas & Activities:
Politeness Cultures – PowerPoint  (also in Articles).
The Way Up to Heaven
A Passage to India
When You  Are Old
The Listeners – PowerPoint Illustration (also in Poems)
Letters of Complaint:
1.  Socio-Cultural:
re. Racist remark on Radio 4?
re. Eurovision Dance Contest (re. xenophobia)
 2.  Commercial:
re. The Man in the Van
re. Graduation Photos
re. Store Card Pressure
re. Erroneous Phone Charges

(In this section, I hesitated about including some of the Letters of Complaint,
but after all, there’s a whole book of “The Henry Root Letters”,
and the commercial ones were such fun to write!)

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