Erroneous Phone charges

Dear BT,
Premium Rate Service/International MODEM
      I am writing in response to your letter, which while it explains some of the reasons for the illicit charges featuring on my May and June bills, does not excuse them, and, more importantly, does not undertake to refund them.

      I note that you have ‘gained agreement from the regulator to bar access to diallers once they are seen to be acting outside of the guidelines’.  This is encouraging, but I would like to:

       1.  Receive confirmation from you that the specific numbers erroneously featuring on my bills have now been denied the possibility to operate under your auspices.
      I also note that you undertake to ‘donate your share of the revenue to Childline for the customers currently affected’.  I take this as more than an empty attempt at a goodwill gesture; I take it as an admission of responsibility, and while I have nothing against ‘Childline’ benefiting from your acknowledged culpability, I am more interested in:
      2. Receiving a refund of the money owed to me – a total of £108.58 in illegal charges automatically taken from my account by direct debit.
      With many thanks for your attention,      
                 Yours faithfully,   …………….
(Copy to Consumers’ Association)


Dear Consumers’ Association,
      Thank you for your letter, asking me to let you know if I had had any luck with my complaint to BT about rogue Internet charges.
      I am delighted to be able to tell you that although even in their second reply to me, they continued to protest their innocence, and refused to refund the £108.58 I had been falsely charged, they managed to find another route to credit my account with £100.00, which I as graciously accepted, counting it a major moral victory!

‘I am sorry I cannot refund the cost of the calls as requested and trust the above explains clearly why BT cannot be held responsible for the calls made from your home.  Having said that I do apologise for the delay in getting the initial response to you and in recognition of this I have credited your account with £100.00 inc vat.’

With many thanks for your attention,      
      Yours faithfully,   …………..

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