The Way up to Heaven – Roald Dahl

This activity  is designed to guide students to form their own understanding of the story (which they will have read in their own time), working in groups.  The story appears in Kiss Kiss, published by Penguin.

My original  list of questions was in chronological order.   But to avoid the impression of yet another list of comprehension questions,  I did not want to issue them in that way.  Instead, in the attachment given below, the questions are re-ordered to engage group discussion – such a vital part of language learning and the development of ideas.

To use them in class, print these questions out and cut the page into three so that each group receives only “their” questions.  The stages of the activity are explained below.

Class Activity in Groups.

In stage 1, ‘A’s, ‘B’s & ‘C’s prepare their answers to their own set of questions separately in twos or threes;  

In stage 2 they then re-group in ABC groups, and take it in turns to ask the students from the other two groups their prepared questions in numerical order.

In this way, all the questions receive attention in the end, but the individuals in each group gain ‘privileged’ access to the features they focused on in stage 1.


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