On Hiroshima

This was written back in the 1970s
for a Hiroshima Memorial Day ceremony.
Every year people gather at the boating lake in Alexandra Park in Hastings,
listen to readings, sing peace songs,
and launch paper boats
bearing lighted night-lights onto the lake at dusk.

On Hiroshima

I have no enemies.
I do not hate the children of my neighbour’s race.

I have no wish to see their children burn,
I have no wish to hear their mothers grieve,
I have no wish to fling their ashes high
In mushroom clouds of genocide.

I have no faith in men who trade in fear,
I have no hope from wars to counter war,
I have no joy in causing others pain;
I have no love for my supremacy.

I do not choose to bolster nations’ pride
With armaments designed for melting flesh;
I do not choose to stuff the war machine
With water ravaged from the ones who thirst.

And if you feel that hope can answer fear,
That love’s a kinder way to peace than hate,
That life deserves more energy than death,
Then add you voice to those who cry: No More!

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