A Passage to India – E M Forster

Here are 4 activities to use with the first half of the film of A Passage to India, and with part of the novel, each following a different format.  Preferably let the students watch each section of the film first, before giving them a task, so that they can enjoy it for its own sake!  And let them read and check they understand the wording of each task before watching the relevant section for the second time!

  • The first worksheet is designed to be cut into strips for students to sort in order as they watch the fist part of the film again (up to the point where Dr Aziz arrives at Fielding’s house).
  • The second worksheet consists of 12 multiple-choice questions to be answered during the second viewing of part 2 (up to the preparations for the expedition to the Marabar Caves.)
  • The third focuses on the expedition to the Caves itself, and involves a sentence completion activity with a variety of options.
  • The fourth focuses on a comparison between the film version of the Caves episode, and that section of the novel.  The students have to allocate each element in the table according to its appearance in the film or the book.

These activities worked well with a class of a high enough language level;  they deepened the learners’ understanding and stimulated a lot of discussion.  I hope they work for your students as well!





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