Wordsworth’s White Wife

“This evocative memoir tells the story of the relationship
between a young VSO from England and the man she married
– Wordsworth McAndrew, Guyana’s celebrated folklorist, broadcaster, journalist and poet.
It includes extracts from the letters she wrote home to her parents,
as well as from Mac’s letters to her whenever they were apart.
The linking narrative expands on her memories of the lifestyle, the landscape,
and the wider cultural & political scene in a newly independent nation at the time.
It also exposes the mismatch between the resolutely optimistic
accounts of their life together that she gave her parents
– in an attempt to relieve their anxieties and overcome
their prejudice – and the reality.”

This is now available on Amazon!

Currently, it is only acccessible via Amazon.co.uk,
as shown in this image taken from a screenshot of the site,
which shows the correct price of $9.99 US, or £8.77 Sterling

Amazon screenshot 2

Soon I hope the genuine article will also be shown on Amazon.com,
rather than what that site now shows:
– a mysterious substitute with no cover image,
and the extraordinary price of $75.18…

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In order to cut the online sale price of the real book, especially
for overseas delivery, I sacrificed the few photos in colour,
though the black and white ones remain.

I am currently preparing a page on this website
where the colour photos will be available to view
for purchasers of the B&W Amazon edition.

On the other hand, I still have plenty of the original copies for sale,
with several colour illustrations, at £9.99 each
To buy one of these, simply email me via the Contact Page,
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